15 thoughts on “Be Limitless *Bucket List Friday*

    1. Twin P
      So glad you like. We were there off season and it was great. He played golf and I walked around. I take probably 25-50 photos each time. Sunsets are great because the color of sky changes the photo. I had planned to try making money with photography but I want to just keep it a love not pressure to make money. A full time effort would also get in way of charity work. I hope to hear back today with an appointment date.
      What did the darling think of the photos?
      Twin M

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      1. I hope you already know something about the appointment!!
        I really like that beach! 🙂
        I’ll show Eilena the pictures when they come back next week, it’s my weekend off! 😀
        Is Percival being nice to you?

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        1. Twin P
          Percival has been as lazy as me today. I go to DC on April 21st. I haven’t slept in so long, time to try for nap. Where do you send your photos? I didn’t think you had to send them to print. I hope they look good. I thought she would like the ladybug.
          Twin M

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        2. Twin P
          No 20 hoursI would be lying. I did get 6 hours and moved back to sleeping in bed vs couch. I’am half way to getting my office/sick room set up. I love my brother but we are so bad, there are 2 yrs of Christmas gifts in the floor. I just ask David to take them over. I’ll have room to finish. I’m getting new symptoms that make it difficult to move. I’m trying to get everything done in case it gets worse. I don’t take any pain meds which is getting more difficult. Hope you have a great day. I’ll write after I read your post.
          Twin M

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        3. Hi Twin,
          6 hours is better than nothing. I hope it was better last night.
          I’m so sorry you are in pain and not taking the pills. I can’t wait for you to see the doctor the 21st. 🙂
          big hug

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    1. Dearest Sister Semra
      Thank you for the well wishes. I hope you and family have time to enjoy being together. I keep thinking about your mother making rugs. It would be a dream to work with her one day. It amazing how long rugs have been apart of everyday life. Just thinking about families loading their rugs on a camel and rolling out at their next stop.
      Sending you good health.
      May God and Allah Bless us.


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