12 thoughts on “Life is just supposed to make you feel

  1. I suppose, my Dear Melinda, what Gloria Naylor wants to say is that Most people have become Wooden, Totally Apathetic, Unfeeling.

    What is the Use of Just feeling, like Bored, Useless, or a million things like that?

    Life is given to Us to make Us feel Good, and to make Others feel Good.

    But for that, first of all, as Gloria says, We have to start Living, Start Feeling, particularly the Pains of Others, Become Concerned, Normal People.

    Wish YOU much Love and Happiness. Thanks for posting. Love and Regards. 🙂

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  2. I’d like a poster that says life is supposed to make you feel and underneath I can hang a little sign that has the emotion of the day, Nice M!

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    1. Dearest friend Semra
      You have such a beautiful heart. Your words mean so much today. You filled my heart with love and happiness. A tear is rolling down my face, the timing of your message could not come at a better time.
      May Allah Bless you on earth and after life.
      Sending you love.

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