Flash Back Friday * Working On Artistic Photography Every Opportunity *

Hello my friends

Lyme Disease has me in headlock. My answer is to keep moving forward remembering many have life worse.  As a child I wanted to learn by traveling and documenting everyday experiences. I can’t sing for anyone, it’s that bad. I’ve loved art and taking photos from the age 4-5 years old.  I like many types of art including Contemporary art. I’m a newbie, you may not enjoy this style of photography. Be gentle with your comments.  

DC Trip

 Creating Color in D.C.  May 2015

Verna Falls Yosemite Park, Enjoyed hike going. Coming back not so fun.
Verna Falls
Yosemite Park
Half Dome Yosemite

This photo makes me feel I’m in untraveled territory as the dust kicks up. They are riding in a rickety stagecoach looking for a better life, life where the money is. I’ve researched my family’s genealogy for years. I get excited when I find a nugget, photos are great.  I’ve documented my family to 1600’s. My distant ancestor’s are from Germany’s Wine country.  I look forward to traveling there. To stand on the same dirt connects me to the past.    

XO Warrior  

31 thoughts on “Flash Back Friday * Working On Artistic Photography Every Opportunity *

  1. My Dear, Hearty Congratulations on Your travels, the great photography, and Your searching out, and Being Successful in searching out Your roots, all in spite of Your ailments.

    My Wishes for a Healing for You. Your forbearance, (accepting Your situation with Calmness) is also exemplary, an example for Us. Thank You for being there.

    I particularly liked the photograph of the Fountain and the Mountain.

    Love and Regards. Yesudas. 🙂

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    1. Hello my friend
      Thank you for the kind words. Even in my worst now and in the past, I never lost my curiosity for other cultures, the surprise of animals not seen before. I’ve been blessed to travel a few places and always bring back something special in my heart. You sound like a kind and faithful man. I am curious how you found my site, I don’t think we’ve meet before.
      The photo of the mountain brings great memories of my gramps. All he would read was western books or watch watch movies. I didn’t care for them but I enjoyed the time with him. I can picture him back in the days of discovery.
      I hope to see you again, take good care of yourself.


        1. My name is Melinda, my nickname on WP is Warrior, shortened to M. Can you help me with saying your name? In my head your name sounds like Ye-su-das. I look forward to checking out your site. It’s 11.30PM, past my bedtime.
          Hope to talk with you tomorrow.


        2. My Dear Melinda, Thank You for writing. My internet pack had expired, and it took quite a while to put it right, and then I had to go out… Oh, You know.

          About pronouncing my name:

          The ‘Ye’ is pronounced as ‘Yay, ‘Day,’ etc.

          The ‘su’ has to come softly. The closest I could get for pronouncing it is in the word ‘Tsunami!’ But without any touch of the letter T. So pronounce the ‘su’ as You would ‘tsu.’

          The ‘D’ in the das is also a soft sound, to be pronounced as the ‘th’ in The, This, That, etc.

          The final ‘as’ has to come out as in ‘Class,’ ‘Bass,’ etc.

          Hope that helped!

          Love. More later. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. I’m surprised how many people liked the effects. I thought the waterfall would more attention. I’m happy if anyone likes my photos. The waterfall is a memory of when I did climb mountains instead of walking with a cane. God has a plan and I’ll follow His plan. I have started my Lyme Journal Entry. I’m so behind. I can’t complain, I’m alive and feel better than yesterday.
      Look forward to seeing you soon.
      Have a great day.

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        1. I’m waiting for the specialist to call with an appointment time. It was very clear to both of us, my eyes have something wrong but the issue isn’t coming from my eyes. My guess is swelling in the optic never, detached retina,
          swelling on the brain, or some funky problem, I must attract illness. I’m very scared of losing my eyesight, a very tall hurdle to fly over. David was scared to and is going to start calling pushing for an appointment. He saw how concerned the eye doctor was and when he said in his entire career had never seen my problem. There’s always a chance it’s cancer but I’m not buying into that yet. We live in a 2 story house, I told him it’s impossible to think about being blind maneuvering the house. I’m very scared but what can you do but wait and wear my rosary.

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        2. Sorry Twin… I hope they know soon what the problem is.
          Try to rest as much as you can and let me know if I can help somehow 🙂
          hugs ❤


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