32 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday *Get your Grove On*

  1. Hi Twin!
    what a mix!! I don’t like J. Jackson. I love that Aerosmith song and it was the first time I heard the original version of “You Sexy Thing” 🙂
    I’ll look this week’s choices soon 🙂
    hugs and I hope you are feeling better 🙂

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        1. Hi Sweetie, I hope the new antibiotic helps immensely. I know you have to be exhausted beyond belief!

          I came upon Annie Lennon years ago, discovering her music was pure joy. I love her commitment to humanitarian causes as much as I do her singing. Thanks for sharing your joint enthusiasm with me. Every time I hear her sing, “Why” I rediscover the depth of her magic and soulfulness. She’s one of my favorite artists!



        2. Exhausted is the word. I have 3 more antibiotics. Doctor said in 9 months I’d be at 30%. The goal is reaching 70%. Aggressive goal but I like to focus the positive.
          I find her soulful. Glad you shared your idea,I had many request.
          You have been inspiration too me. Thank you for the support.

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