Throw Back Thursday *Country? Rock? Country Rock?

Howdy friends,

Thinking about Country Music today, the line between Country and Rock are not always visible. Brad Paisley and many others sound like Rock with riff’s  and jamming guitar solos. The video surprised me, did I wake up in tunesville?  The Country artist are everywhere except in Country music. I hope you enjoy the music. Next week we’re Rocking, flames shooting from the sky. Maybe Big Hair band or you can leave a request 24 hours a day.  Xx  M


20 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday *Country? Rock? Country Rock?

        1. I never have luck sending photos via phone. I’ll look to see if still on phone.
          Have a great day. I’ve had three falls in two day, one hurt like hell. Barely able to walk. My doctor already wants lungs and shoulder. If this knew doesn’t get better soon, another X-ray. Being this sick takes a toll on the caregiver. We’re getting snappy at each other. I don’t like not being able to run down stairs for a water. He’s involved in a merger project to add to his everyday stress.
          Take cace.

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        2. Oh Twin, I’m sorry to hear that. Did you consider getting someone to help you during the day?
          I know how awful it’s to ask for help but if you don’t rest, you’ll take much longer to heal…


        3. Treatment cost, paid out of pocket, cost approx. is $7,000 to $10,000 a month. We’ve spent close $40,000 already. I wish for a house clear vs care giver. For now, neither.
          Hope having a great weekend. I’m not sure what the next step is with Survivors site.
          We’ll have to talk off line, bigger topic. I’ll send a copy when I can get my mind together. Think, open-close?

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        4. I’m sorry Twin, that’s a lot of money!
          I’m not sure what to tell you about Survivors. I can’t take care of it, I’m already overwhelmed with a lot of stuff happening here. I can understand it’s a lot a work for you.
          Whatever you decide, it’s fine with me 🙂 ❤


    1. I hope you take time out to admire the tree’s and flowers, Pray all alone, without the distractions.
      This early in the diagnose, you may making yourself. To play doctor unless you have a talk the meds, side affects and you have jacked with the meds. You go in circles if you change the plan on meds.
      It can take a year before all the drugs get along. What meds are you? What drug is for what?
      After taking meds, having ECT more than 20 times, I stayed Mental Hospital 20-30 times. I feel bad you’re having a struggle,the truth is only people who doesn’t what doctor says. Did you visit the doctor, what about the diagnostics difference your file. You’re in a fragile state, you are letting your mental drive your car. If he didn’t give info about the differences.
      You have to earn the trust of you doctors, not saying their wrong. Mental Illness can look the same, people can act differently. Symptoms can be similar.
      Are you in suicidal mood? or walking around in a ” I don’t care. When you were in the hospital, or are different a Mental Hospital.
      Keep pushing ahead! You’re worth it.
      Dedicate time feeling bad about yourself, a part of the dedicated time,read big picture a mental illness. Start with lower level of knowledge. Is your husband still symptoms? I’m talking from my heart, I’ve been there. I was diagnosis several time. One I started reading about what’s going my illness and I made mistakes before. Being diagnosed at 19 yrs, as Bipolar and requires than a couple with more than a couple weeks to reach the peak How you work on yourself and think is you can come up the diagnoses on your self.
      Are you seeing a Therapist? You will may a difference


      1. Hi Malinda, thanks for dropping in..I’m daily going through things that so disrupt me but I must say it’s a first I’m really talking in therapy lots about feelings and thoughts, so it’s a plus I’m dealing with them!
        As for meds it’s up down the headaches but definitely getting better.
        How are u doing? sorry I’m not so attentive to blogs lately but just trying to go through my stuff.
        Sending love lis


        1. Hi Lisa
          I am not concerned about how often you post. I care about you,the road you’re on and how I can help or a comment tp let you know you’re not alone. You have taken the first big steps. Feeling more comfortable with Terapist is huge, keep moving at a pace you can handle. One step which will pay off in short and long term is staying on meds.
          Take care, you no how to reach me,if it’s to personal you can always email me direct


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