12 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday *Get on the Floor*

    1. No Bradley
      Not complete until you can do the dance with at least 10 outfit changes!!!!! It was actually for me this week. My pain is so severe I needed a smile.There are many Thrash Group dances!Let me know via YouTube video once you get the moves down.


        1. Bradley
          All effort add to total effect yet not complete until I see your Gangmanstle attemp. GOodWill or Salvation Army. We’11 see what you do, maybe we start trend. I don’t have a problem acting silly. I can’t drive and totally plump with meds. I bet there’s something on Etsy or EBay. Doesn’t that sound like a blast, we’re not getting younger, we can say we did it all. I actually second videos.
          All for laughter and I’ve received positive feedback.
          Have a great Fiday.

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    1. Hi P
      You haven’t been able to watch the videos all along, right? Today they were silly Trash Dances. I need a smile to cover the pain. Tomorrow I see the Dentist and Cariologist. My heart has decided to act up. What a time! God has huge plans for me. I’ve always been told, the more you suffer on earth, God is preparing you through each challenge. I believe without question, I’ve suffered.
      Have a great day. Have you broken things off? You know who I’m talking about. If so,
      give yourself time to grieve and be angry, then move on. Greater things will come your way.

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      1. Hi Twin,
        Copyright laws here are strong!
        I’m sorry you are in so much pain. I hope it doesn’t last for long.
        Things here are strange. I can’t even answer your question. One day it’s great, one day is bad. I believe it’s a process. I’m not sure I’ll survive the process, though 😀
        It’s been a difficult week for sure!
        Let’s see what happens!
        hugs! ❤


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