Report: Majority of military misconduct dismissals linked to brain injury, mental health

Mem and Women have given their lives since we landed in the country, we called America. Enlisting to fight for freedom, they knew the cost and it’s not free. With technology, our government is paying for state of the art equipment to protect and defend.  The highest ranks of Military Officials lied to every Soldier enlisted the Military will take care of your health whatever it takes.

No war is pretty, nor free, every war comes advances in technology. International Relations is not looking good for America. The numbers of enemies are growing. The past several weeks North Korea is testing bombs and making threats against American. We can’t fight every country who hates America. Who is standing by our side and ready to fight if needed.

If we are to remain a free country, the Military needs to quit playing games and using dishonorable discharge for PTSD, Brain Injuries, Mental Illness, the list goes on as you will see in the video.

From the President, Chief of Staff and Military decision makers to take away the right to health is the least our government owes them. If you are dishonorably discharged  you loose your benefits. The White House and Military are responsible for this horrific treatment of PTSD, Brain Injury and Mental Illness if they don’t fit another category.

Our government has to live with every suicide. Suicide which leaves widows, children left without a mom or dad. Mothers, Fathers, extended family and church family.

Our government lies to get what it needs and change the terms to suit them. This is not a government I have faith in and my naive blinders are off. The public does not serve our government, we vote on the bullshit theme of a campaign which is rarely delivered once voted in.


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US Military not keeping their promise

9 thoughts on “Report: Majority of military misconduct dismissals linked to brain injury, mental health

    1. I’m glad one person gives a damn. I don’t get worked over anything like I do when I hear our Soldiers are ram rodded.
      In you time, do not you some very injured, scared and confused soldiers.
      My husband don’t understand the fire inside when on this subject. Every soldier who fought for me freedom is a hero.To think on person comes back from a Tour with PTSD, Traumatic Injury or behaviors which look like mental illness and the military sends them packing is a kick in the gut. Why have so many Soldiers committed suicide, not getting treatment or others are sent packing.
      You must have seen to much and had some difficult days.


    2. The good thing about the Spanish military is that they don’t tell you the military is going to take care of you after your service, doesn’t happen here, we don’t have a VA so you’re own your own. Wich leads to no expectations by soldiers about getting treated, we just end up nuts, that’s probably the expectation. I went a bit over the top there, but it is an all volunteer military and you do sign up knowing fairly well that is not going to be an easy job, some worst than others ofcourse.


      1. It’s fucked to me. How can we ask anyone to put their life protected ours or government bullshit and get sent home with PTSA at minimum and say don’t let the door hit you on the way out. It’s my hottest topic to me. My gramps never said anything about the fighting, hand to hand fighting. Today it’s a child with a bomb tapped to them I can’t comprehend. Our government is voluntary but given promises they don’t intent to keep. I try of avoid writing on the topic because my PTSD goes thru the roof, but people need to know our soldiers are being thrown in the streets. I get crazy about and husband shakes his head.
        You’re a good man Charley, your struggle is real, 24 hour job. I pray one day you have the strength to fight it back. I know it’s in you. I know you don’t take life as lightly as you act.


        1. Hold on, take it easy, it was good for you to have that rant.
          In my perspective and quite the others, we joined up to fight in a war at that time at that age, you don’t become an infantry man because you want to help the birds fly or something like that, you do know what eventually will be the real deal wich consist of one word “kill”it is a tabu word but the army or armed forces are not made to be a U.N organisations, their job is to fight, and you go or me and my friends go fully knowledgeble of what you got into, maybe not all when the real reality hits you but you do know that you are not a peace keeper.
          Just a thought, and another one, don’t get all hiped up even with your government, it will work, no worries.


        2. Hugs for taking the time to share you views. I can get blinders on, when I do all I know to do it let it out. Your a good friend, stay addicted to you hot babe girlfriend instead of other temptations. You can always talk private
          Did you like any of the tunes this week? Give me three to play next week, just no nasty wrap. Let’s see how Charley likes to get down.


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