Reading the post was like an episode of Twilit Zone. We walked many of the same steps, I believe she needs help from the caregivers in the WP community.

The Things That Make Up Me

Well maybe I’ll be a little more informative this evening. My voice finally returned after over a month of laryngitis, my wife and I took our microbiology final, the temperature didn’t get over 90 degrees inside today, and I got to have sex so I’m going to say today was a good day. I started this blog to put my random thoughts somewhere. Lately I find myself looking over my shoulder for my parents-we aren’t on speaking terms. They are just crazy enough to show up at my home and act like lunatics while claiming I’m the crazy child that is just out to hurt her parents. The sad part is that cutting them off and out of my life has been painful. I don’t miss being spoken about in hateful ways or my mother running her hand up my inner thigh during dinner just to prove that she can…

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