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WOW! WordPress Achievement

  My first blog started in 2005 and hosted by Blogger. I was caring for my dying grandmother. I had to write and let it go. Her death was devastating, as you’ve read in many post. She’s never left my side. Granny was the strongest woman I ever met, she knew how to keep her mouth shut. Something I did not inherit. I could … Read More WOW! WordPress Achievement

Training To *LGBT Aging Resources*

Minneapolis ranks 4th among U.S. cities in percentage of gay, lesbian and bisexual residents. Approximately 12.5% of Minneapolis identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Transgender was not a category in analysis. (UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law & Public Policy) There are an estimated 48,000 LGBT older adults living in Minnesota. Many LGBT older adults do not have the same … Read More Training To *LGBT Aging Resources*

Caregiver Tip #1, Books that Saved My Sanity

  Our population is in a large up swing as “Baby Boomers” reach Social Security age which indicates the potential increased need for Caregivers. There are many stages the elderly and dying go through until  death. The books below helped me maneuver the invisible line we have to cross based on their capabilities. ” Each of the books made a profound difference in understanding … Read More Caregiver Tip #1, Books that Saved My Sanity

Get Ready for Michael Jackson

My best girlfriend and I practiced hard on dance moves, it was so funny. Get ready for a The one and only Micheal Jackson,”Boogie..or Dance the Night Away” M

Happy 96th Birthday Granny, This Day Celebrates Your Life

Granny today is a special day. Today is your 96th Birthday, time for a well deserved Big Party. Gramps cooking of the grill, everyone lining up for the brisket. I attend to your needs and help you around to socialize and know when the conversation ran dry. Let’s go all out, it’s just money, money you never spent on yourself. It’s your Special day. I … Read More Happy 96th Birthday Granny, This Day Celebrates Your Life

Throw Back Thanksgiving!! *Technical Problems, Let’s Jump*

I’m praying for good health to you and  your family . Drinking something hot, I’ll take a Starbucks any day 🙏🌎🇱🇷   😎 M You see the problem, Downloads are not working. The laptop hijacked me as an answer to silence, no talking  during Football. I heard Gwen Stefani can sing, JUMP, Dance, gives every fan a great show. One more try, if nothing else, … Read More Throw Back Thanksgiving!! *Technical Problems, Let’s Jump*

Happy Birthday Gramps *You’re my Hero*

Gramps loved playing scratch off Lottery Tickets. Looking at photo, this was shortly after Granny died. Emotions sent me to the highest high, I saw the smallest smile. He loved my Granny until the end. Gramps grew up in a time, large parts of the USA where out of work and hungry. Focusing on making money or food for a meal. Gramps mother had … Read More Happy Birthday Gramps *You’re my Hero*

I’m Mourning And She’s Still Alive

PUBLISHED ON February 6, 2006 The caregiver posts were my first attempt at blogging. I needed an outlet to avoid dumping all in husbands lap. My grandmother passed away in 2005 from Dementia related to Strokes. I’m reposting for caregivers who give freely every ounce to keep loved one comfortable in their last hours.  Just one piece of advice if I may, Take time … Read More I’m Mourning And She’s Still Alive

I want all WP friends to join me for a large celebration, party hats, clowns, kazoos, dancing Queen

I celebrate my 7th year blogging anniversary and turn 53 in four days. Neither occasion are important on their own. What make this year so special is I’m alive. So many of you prayed , sent well wishes yet never treated me different. I started my first blog to help grieve my granny’s death. Flash forward, I’m blessed learning other cultures around the world. Blogging … Read More I want all WP friends to join me for a large celebration, party hats, clowns, kazoos, dancing Queen

Pregnant Woman Among New Florida Zika Cases

In a piece of irony, the CDC originated from a 1940s agency called the “Office of Malaria Control in War Areas”, and during the summit’s opening session, organizers showed a 70-year-old short movie about its work targeting Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that now spreads Zika. “We were the first ones because we were really proactive in getting the virus and really pursuing and working … Read More Pregnant Woman Among New Florida Zika Cases

Tengan un bendecido fin de semana celebrando Jesucristo

Have a Blessed weekend Celebrating with family and friends. ON THE THIRD DAY, JESUS AROSE FROM THE GRAVE Church of the Spilled Blood St. Petersburg, Russia

Zika:Sharing Data in a Public Health Emergency

Sharing Data in a Public Health Emergency The case for sharing data, and the consequences of not doing so, have been brought into stark relief by the Ebola and Zika outbreaks. In response, the New England Journal of Medicine has become a journal signatory to the following statement. “In the context of a public health emergency of international concern, it is imperative that all … Read More Zika:Sharing Data in a Public Health Emergency

FDA Medwatch-Drug Safety Labeling Changes

03/14/2016 The FDA MedWatch-February 2016 Safety Labeling Changes includes 21 products with safety labeling changes to the following sections: CONTRAINDICATIONS, WARNINGS, PRECAUTIONS, ADVERSE REACTIONS, or PATIENT PACKAGE INSERT/MEDICATION GUIDE. The “Summary Page” table provides a listing of product names and safety labeling sections revised: The following drugs had modifications to the CONTRAINDICATIONS, WARNINGS, and PRECAUTIONS sections: Atacand (candesartan cilexetil) Tablets Atacand HCT (candesartan … Read More FDA Medwatch-Drug Safety Labeling Changes

FDA Statement: Eye Drops-Potential Risk

FDA MedWatch – Eye Drops: FDA Statement – Potential Risk of Loose Safety Seals 03/15/2016 Eye Drops: FDA Statement – Potential Risk of Loose Safety Seals AUDIENCE: Consumer, Eye Care ISSUE: FDA is warning the public about eye drop bottles that have loose plastic safety seals or tamper evident rings below the bottle cap that may fall onto the eye when the product is … Read More FDA Statement: Eye Drops-Potential Risk

Dementia Induced Thouhts of Suicide

  Reblogged from 2005 Being a caregiver to a dying loved one can leave you drained of emotion, exhausted and frustrated. All normal feelings. I felt quilt mixed in my bowl of emotions. I grew up knowing my grandparents wanted to die at home. I would grant the wish if possible. They inspired me, saved me from parental abuse and blessed me with unconditional … Read More Dementia Induced Thouhts of Suicide

A day in the Life of a Caregiver *Hillbillies call first*

Written 12/23/2009 The post may get confusing, in one paragraph I may be talking to you and next I’m talking about what I did. If you have a questions, please drop me a line. Many people are finding themselves in caregiver roles. I worked harder than imagined and so glad I did. The memories of being there out weights lack of sleep. *Carry a list … Read More A day in the Life of a Caregiver *Hillbillies call first*

Happy Birthday Granny, You are my role model

Granny is little girl in front, curly hair, cross eyed, gather around her siblings. Her life was shattered when her father died in 1930. Her mother could not manage the money, it must have been hard on the kids. Back in the old days the snake oil, fuller brush and many more stopped by. She would buy everything. Her oldest brother joined the Circus … Read More Happy Birthday Granny, You are my role model

New England Journal of Medicine Most Notable in 2015

I subscribe to The New England Journal of Medicine to stay informed with projects and successes. The link takes you to The Most notable document. I smiled seeing the number of projects dedicated to Mental Health. I think you will find a topic of interest Xx M

This is what happens when you reply to Spam Email?

Spam  is continues to devastate individuals and corporations  daily. I have seen several horror stories on the news. Seniors are an easily target. I think we’ll all learn something about spam and what happens after you click the link. Xx  M  

From Caregiver to Grieving in Four Days

  Reblogged from 3/24/10 As the population ages many will take on the role of caregiver. One of the most challenging for me was the transition from granddaughter to caregiver. Gramps was stubborn as an Ox and felt he didn’t need any help. **************** My grandfather died in 2010 at 92 years old. I spent more time with him in 2010 than at home. I … Read More From Caregiver to Grieving in Four Days