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I Salute Men & Women fighting in Combat & War on Homefront- Today & Yesterday for American Freedom

Home of the Free Sending prayers to family and friends for their loss of loved ones serving the Military.Daily I’m reminded of the sacrifices made to defend the freedoms we enjoy today in America. I pray every soldier comes home soon. Gramps, I’ll never forget the sacrifices you made to win WWII. I love you. Xx M      

Triple Shot Thursday*From Reguest Line*

Today’s awesome tunes requested by good friend Charly Priest. He may have a rough exterior at times, he’s made of sugar. Leave request in my comments box for next weeks entertainment.  Get ready for a musical treat. 🙂 M 3 tunes that I like in different times during the day 1 – in the morning 2-afternoon 3- late  

Supreme Court Turns Away Challenge to Conversion Therapy Ban

May 01, 2017 Supreme Court Turns Away Challenge to Conversion Therapy Ban The Supreme Court today left standing a lower court decision that the conversion therapy ban in California is legal.  By declining to consider that case, the Court allowed the state ban to stay on the books, and by extension, the bans in five other states as well.  The lead plaintiff, an ordained … Read More Supreme Court Turns Away Challenge to Conversion Therapy Ban

Friday Psychotic Break

Tom Petty incapsulates everything Rock & Roll. I hadn’t seen this version, WOW.  Feel his rage, drugs, possibilities are endless.   Breakdown  Tom Petty & Heartbreakers  12/30/1978-Winterland, San Francisco.  I’m feeling front stage today.  Like version? How about suggestions. I always enjoy you’re thoughts & feedback.  😎M

Get Ready for Michael Jackson

My best girlfriend and I practiced hard on dance moves, it was so funny. Get ready for a The one and only Micheal Jackson,”Boogie..or Dance the Night Away” M

Throw Back Thursday with Gladys Knight

Have a great weekend enjoying smooth music for relaxing   M    

Throw Back Thursday *Bay, Bay and Bay*

Do you see the resemblance in style or sound of the Bay Brothers, my buddies assure me they are brothers. I followed James Bay and team so long, I’m a member of TeamBay. I love seeing my name on Tweets. This is far better than the Donny Osmond Fan Club. James Arthur found success with his first album, something held him back. He has a … Read More Throw Back Thursday *Bay, Bay and Bay*

Throw Back Thursday *Let It Burn*

Have a great weekend! Xx   M  

Ketamine? *Cure for Depression* ?

The Mental Health Community is preparing for additional Clinical Trails on Ketamine in hopes of finding a cure for Mental Illness. If Ketamine isn’t a cure, I’ll welcome a leap forward in medication management.   Xx  M

Happy Birthday Gramps *You’re my Hero*

Gramps loved playing scratch off Lottery Tickets. Looking at photo, this was shortly after Granny died. Emotions sent me to the highest high, I saw the smallest smile. He loved my Granny until the end. Gramps grew up in a time, large parts of the USA where out of work and hungry. Focusing on making money or food for a meal. Gramps mother had … Read More Happy Birthday Gramps *You’re my Hero*

What Is A Weed?

  And what is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Throw Back Thursday *The Disco Ball Is Turning*

The Disco period was great for Free Spirits, drugs flowed freely, a smell of change in the air. The music was alive, the dance floor had a rhythm like no other, leave your troubles behind and escape under the shiny ball. I started going to clubs with my father before my 10th birthday. When you have a parent with a mental illness, life can take … Read More Throw Back Thursday *The Disco Ball Is Turning*

Chelsea Manning may receive Nine Years added to her 35 year sentence

URGENT PLEASE READ NEW CHARGES AGAINST CHELSEA MANNING At this time, Chelsea Manning is not receiving adequate Psychological Counseling. Chelsea is a Trans being forced to serve out her sentence in an ALL-MALE Maximum Security Prison. Although Chelsea tries to stay focus on her writing and advocacy, being a woman in an all-male prison is dehumanizing and exhausting emotionally, according to ACLU. The post in … Read More Chelsea Manning may receive Nine Years added to her 35 year sentence

US Government abusing Whistleblower Chelsea Manning, Columnist for The Guardian

Urgent Please Read, Chelsea Manning needs your help Please read the critical information on Chelsea Manning, the Whistleblower who uncovered some of the Governments worst abuses. Chelsea is a Transgender woman being forced to serve out her sentence in an all-male prisonI have two additional post on Chelsea Manning including the Charge Sheet The Military Police Investigators. The additional charges are related to Chelsea trying … Read More US Government abusing Whistleblower Chelsea Manning, Columnist for The Guardian

Our Fore Fathers Vision Built America Home of the Free

Throw Back Thursday *Remember Mixed Tapes?

Did you make or receive a mix tape? I made one cassette for my car. Mixed tapes where the hottest trend in High School.Today you get a mixed tape of sorts. I hope you enjoy the choices this week. The Hotline is open leave your suggestions. Xx  M    

Sebastian Junger: Our society Makes It Hard To Come Home From War

TED Talk presents Sebastian Junger. Do you agree or send the topic packing. Be sure to leave your comments on the post. Xx  M

Thank all who served and their families this Memorial Day

Have a blessed day, hopefully surrounded by family and friends. Xx  M

Throw Back Thursday * Twice as Nice *

The trick on YouTube, maybe VeVo. Only difference, taped clock on far right. Click on. Time for Dance Party.

Throw Back Thursday *Rock & Roll Fantasy*

My Rock-n-Roll soul was empty, the music of choice this week filled my soul.  I enjoyed looking at old and new tunes. I start smiling once I pick the first video. Kick back, grab headphones and lets jam!  Xx  M  

Throw Back Thursday *Words To Live By*

I met with the Lyme Doctor on Monday, arriving home yesterday emotionally and physically drained. I knew music would lift my spirit. The videos are special to me for the message. I’m blessed even when it sounds differently. Thank you for bringing sunshine with your comments.               RIP Merle Haggard.    Xx  M

Throw Back Thursday *Dedicated to Empowered Women*

International Womens Day celebrate Empowered women, mentors, great leaders. I chose women who are empowered in the tough music business. Great songs I like to dance to. When Lyme lets me go, no problems losing weight, dance off. Enjoy this weeks tunes, be sure to leave your feedback in comments section. Thanks for dropping by! Let’s get our groove on.  Xx  M     … Read More Throw Back Thursday *Dedicated to Empowered Women*

Throw Back Thursday * Sweet Memories From The Past*

Throw Back Thursday started over two years ago. Thank you for following me and leaving comments. I enjoy the comments, it’s also an education as I look for tunes each week. The 24 hour request line is open. I’m dedicating  “Don’t Let Me Down” to Tangled Up In Music (by Ovidio Boar). We met today and his blog is awesome, most everything you want to know … Read More Throw Back Thursday * Sweet Memories From The Past*

Throw Back Thursday *No holiday required to say Thank You*

I love watching the soldiers going crazy when the USO comes to town. I’m happy to be an American. Sending love to our soldiers.  Xx  M

To Mr or Ms President: It’s Time To Deliver

Xx  M

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