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35 Year-Old Woman Sexual Assaults a 10 Year-Old Boy

News stories on Adults sexually assaulting children are on the local news weekly. I don’t know how we protect our children from predators traumatizing our children. MILWAUKEE (WGN) -– A 35-year-old Wisconsin woman is accused of drugging a 10-year-old child’s slushy and sexually assaulting him. Tara Gotovnik has been charged with first-degree sexual assault of a child and delivery of a controlled substance. Photo: Milwaukee … Read More 35 Year-Old Woman Sexual Assaults a 10 Year-Old Boy

Genetic Response: Stress Predict Risk Related Brain Function, Psychiatric Disorders

Another interesting post from 23 and Me Blog. Genetic Differences in the Immediate Transcriptome Response to Stress Predict Risk-Related Brain Function and Psychiatric Disorders

Update On Twitter Advocacy Success: *Let’s Celebrate*

Five weeks ago I broadened my Advocacy work by jumping on Twitter. On 7/5/17 there were 100 followers, today the number is 1,962. What a nice surprise. The configuration on my Twitter timeline only shows the organizations I follow. The timeline updates twice a day focussing on organizations I follow, avoiding the toxic dump. I’m writing for Men’s Movement in Sweden. My first post is in review. … Read More Update On Twitter Advocacy Success: *Let’s Celebrate*

The fantasy held by someone else

Originally posted on TheFeatheredSleep:
Never been good at receiving, prefer to give, in all things … I gave you everything I had left, it wasn’t much, a persistent hole, had formed long ago and I was seeping out. I look whole, but that’s just mythology. I may outwardly appear, to stand upright, but in truth I sag, even in wind. If I had more…

Triple Shot Thursday Joss Stone & Melissa Etheridge Pay Tribute To Janice.

I enjoyed shaking up the tunes this week. Hope you enjoy, Have a great weekend.  M

Former Homeless Woman Treats Homeless Women to Make-Overs Once A Month

This is a feel good story, those who don’t make it to Network News. She has a heart of gold to give back to her community. I was so proud of the effort she takes with each woman. It looks like a social gathering, what a great way to affirm one another.  M

My Father

In the 1950’s doctors diagnosed my father Hyperactive as a teen, with little knowledge doctors prescribed tranquilizers. I can only imagine how this much-loved teen prankster turned zombie like. What doctors didn’t know was my father suffered from Bipolar Disorder. After leaving home, he never sought a second opinion or took medications. He committed suicide in 1992. I can’t say if his mental illness … Read More My Father

And another adventure begins…KarseCoteHowm

Originally posted on Sunflower Solace Farm:
Well, they don’t call me the wandering Jew for lack of a reason, but I’m putting down tentative roots once more.  I bought a house.  I’ll try not to burden my mind with calling it my ‘forever’ home, as I did once before when I found a little slice of heaven – making it like a tearing asunder…

Free Style Friday: Yosemite National Park

Taken by your’s truly.  M


Originally posted on Mum C writes:
​In the wake of this take Make me windbreaks that will all hurdles absorb Be like the unbreakable bubble surrounding me Even as rains of drains seek all grains of sanes II Ahonu-abobirim! As a mind which descended from the stairs of a sage I lay my body before thy feet Burn the evils in all the rooms…

23 & Me: Genetic Findings on Depression

23 & Me has a wealth of information if you’re a member. To receive membership all you have to do is have your DNA tested by them. This Genetic Study discusses findings to Depression. Did you clink on the 23 & Me link last week? Did you encounter any problems? Was the information helpful? What did you think about the Genetic Study? I hope … Read More 23 & Me: Genetic Findings on Depression

Triple Shot Wed/Thur *This is the Part of Me You Can’t Ever Take Away From Me*

My lyme brain is missing this week, as you tell I don’t know what day it is. I like the videos very their strong survival skills of kicking addiction, abusive behavior or coming from the depths of depression. I don’t often say, I’m fighting the black dog, I’m Survive. TAKING CONTROL BACK, SURVIVORS!   M

Genetic Study finds Efficacy of Popular Antidepressants

Another Genetic Study from 23 & Me, gives me hope and makes by blood boil. One technology will allow people who suffer with mental illness, have a better life. New drugs, clinical trials, preclinical trials, cover you ass just in case issues. I believe there are drugs being tested now who will make a difference for future generations. I don’t foresee a cure, but … Read More Genetic Study finds Efficacy of Popular Antidepressants

Texas Becomes First in Nation to Implement Comprehensive Rape Kit Reform

“Hope. Courage. Freedom. Fearlessness. All things are possible with an open heart—and a joyful heart.” — Mariska Hargitay, Founder & President NEW YORK – The Joyful Heart Foundation today announced that Texas has become the first state in the nation to implement comprehensive rape kit reform. With the passage of H.B. 281, which requires the Department of Public Safety to establish a comprehensive statewide … Read More Texas Becomes First in Nation to Implement Comprehensive Rape Kit Reform

Honor Killing? Father Murders Own Daughter For Taking Muslim

Universal Life Church <> Father Murders Daughter: “Honor Killing” Sends Shockwaves Through Community It’s a deeply painful personal answer based on religion. There is no one answer. Was this a case of Domestic Violence or Honor Killing. We are a diverse World. We have to make decisions based on our religious beliefs and know there is another view. What should his punishment be?

Bipolar & Dementia

Reblogged from Kitt O’Malley I fear dementia. Both of my parents have dementia and live in a memory care community. They love one another and seem happy where they are now, but it took a while to make that happen. They wanted to maintain their independence. Understandable. I fear dementia. Though I hope by avoiding alcohol and taking my […] via Bipolar

Genetic connection to Schizophrenia

Have you had your DNA tested? Did the results surprise you? National Geographic and 23 & Me tested my DNA. The 23 & Me site sent information on complete chain which provided time lines for my Genealogy work. The bonus is anyone who test DNA with 23 & Me is compared to your data and sends information on anyone who is related to you. … Read More Genetic connection to Schizophrenia

Sincerely, X: Pepper Spray *Talks About Triggers*

Sincerely, X By TED SINCERELY, X: PEPPER SPRAY Listen to TED and Audible’s new podcast, Sincerely, X. This episode, titled “Pepper Spray,” follows a woman whose visit to the store triggers a panic attack, giving listeners an inside look into those suffering from PTSD and how to help. Available now on Apple Podcasts, the TED Android app, or wherever you get your podcasts. View More by This … Read More Sincerely, X: Pepper Spray *Talks About Triggers*

Stand Tall Little Girl: Hope Virgo- Book Review

Originally posted on Be Your Own Light: A Mental Health Recovery Blog:
I came across this wonderful book and Inspirational Mental Health book series by new publisher Trigger Press, on Twitter and via a friend of mine who knew Hope. The publisher is part of mental health charity the Shaw Mind Foundation and its book series is about reducing mental health stigma and showcasing…

Triple Shot Thursday *Great Oldies, Not That Old*

The past two weeks has challenged me. I took several steps backwards with Lyme which has opened the door to the black dog. Music always soothes my soul, I’ve picked some great tunes and dedicated each one. Request lines are but phone is not ringing. I know you want your tunes played! Whisper in my ear, comment section open 24/7. Thank you for stopping … Read More Triple Shot Thursday *Great Oldies, Not That Old*


The seeking fingers of tomorrow

Originally posted on TheFeatheredSleep: When we were young we thought just as the saying goes or the first line of every youthful book we had all the time in the world time does not speed up as you age it simply reveals itself, standing unclothed in dawn, still wet with dew the sundial of life moving slowly in circle once you believed yourself…

Triple Shot Thursday *Rebirth, Love and True Friends*

Rebirth, life lessons, stretching, separation, payback Unconditional Love, what if, can I count on, will you be there Real Friends, love, anger, time apart, life at stake, friends are the last to give up I listened to new songs tonight, wanting something to kick me hard, make me think. What do I stand for? I stand for truth, falling to pieces, rebirth, existence, people … Read More Triple Shot Thursday *Rebirth, Love and True Friends*

Always looking over my shoulder….

Originally posted on The Things That Make Up Me:
Well maybe I’ll be a little more informative this evening. My voice finally returned after over a month of laryngitis, my wife and I took our microbiology final, the temperature didn’t get over 90 degrees inside today, and I got to have sex so I’m going to say today was a good day. I started…

Charlie Doesn’t Know He’s “Terminally Ill,” But He Knows He’s Loved

Originally posted on Anything is Possible!:
“They adopted him just over a year later, not expecting him to live much beyond 2 years old.” But in June Charlie celebrated his third birthday. Now doctors think he might live to be 10–12 years old, barring any medical complications. It’s a heart breaking journey, but as Cori says, “Broken hearts can heal.” You can read the…

Communist Yugoslavia Verdict Against Croatia’s Blessed Aloysius Stepinac Quashed

Originally posted on Croatia, the War, and the Future:
Zagreb County Court Friday 22 July 2016centre: Judge Ivan Turudic, presidingQuashed 1946 communist Verdictagainst Blessed Aloysius StepinacPhoto: HINA/ Damir Sencar/ds A true, brilliant face of justice stepped out into the streets of Croatia and the world last Friday! On 22 July 2016 Zagreb Country Court issued a judgment of great historical and political importance, announcing…

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