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Triple Shot Thursday Joss Stone & Melissa Etheridge Pay Tribute To Janice.

I enjoyed shaking up the tunes this week. Hope you enjoy, Have a great weekend.  M

Triple Shot Thursday *Rebirth, Love and True Friends*

Rebirth, life lessons, stretching, separation, payback Unconditional Love, what if, can I count on, will you be there Real Friends, love, anger, time apart, life at stake, friends are the last to give up I listened to new songs tonight, wanting something to kick me hard, make me think. What do I stand for? I stand for truth, falling to pieces, rebirth, existence, people … Read More Triple Shot Thursday *Rebirth, Love and True Friends*

Triple Shot Thursday * We Are One*

I had a hard time deciding what to play this week. I let me heart take the lead and I enjoyed the journey. As the show Pickers say “we’re free styling”. My hope is you enjoy the music and soak in the message.  M

Triple Shot Thursday*Ed Sheeran Hallelujah*

If you weren’t an Ed Sheeran fan before his new LP will blow your mind. After promoting his previous album with a World tour, he said in an interview “I was fat, exhausted and didn’t know myself anymore”. Ed is a smart bloke, he took a year off traveling, fell in love with a friend of 15 years, is self-confident and happy. The album … Read More Triple Shot Thursday*Ed Sheeran Hallelujah*

Triple Shot Thursday *Love is in the Air*

For your listening pleasure this week, love is in the air. One thing I know for sure, there’s not enough love in the world.   M  

Celebrate Good Times, Come Over To Roast Danica Piche *It is a Surprise*

What is the Liebster Award? The word Liebster” (originating in German) has several definitions — dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued. In the current context, this award recognizes bloggers who share their story or thoughts in a beautiful manner to connect with their viewers and followers. Here are the rules: Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award. Answer the 11 … Read More Celebrate Good Times, Come Over To Roast Danica Piche *It is a Surprise*

I need a Rebel Yell, She cries more, more, more.

To C who’s in Reserves Chromic Lyme caused many falls, some serious, some not. I took two good slams to my right knee in 18 months. It didn’t prepare me for needing a knee replacement. They pain level from Lyme was so high,  the knee became part of the over all pain. I received the long needle steroid shot yesterday along with the news. … Read More I need a Rebel Yell, She cries more, more, more.

Triple Shot Thursday *Dance, Dance, Dance*

I’ve talked with new followers, touched base with loyal followers and found several great blogs to follow. Wow!!!! I’m refreshed. If you don’t like the picks this week, you know what to do, the request line is open 24/7, leave your suggestion. Let’s get some new music taste to wake me up. Have a great weekend. Be Safe.  M

Triple Shot Thursday *Reflection*

A shout out to Casey Sims, He is the newest Contributor at Survivors Blog Here. We are thrilled he joins us…his enthusiasm for life is infectious. Casey was involved in a horrifying  car accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down. His positive, no holes barred attitude will have you trying to keep up. Stop by, say hello, he’s cool, relaxed … Read More Triple Shot Thursday *Reflection*

Triple Shot Thursday + One with Hall & Oates

  Oh the memories, his hair, they were at top of game in the 80’s. Daryl looks a totally stoned but he sounds great. Daryl became seriously ill from Lyme Disease, he survived yet left beaten down. Enjoy the tunes. If you have a request you know where to put it! In the comment box. It’s brings sunshine to my day even if the … Read More Triple Shot Thursday + One with Hall & Oates

Southern Rock Legend Gregg Allman RIP 5/27/17

A couple of my favs.   XxM  Greg you gave us all. AOL Story:  

Triple Shot Thursday*From Reguest Line*

Today’s awesome tunes requested by good friend Charly Priest. He may have a rough exterior at times, he’s made of sugar. Leave request in my comments box for next weeks entertainment.  Get ready for a musical treat. 🙂 M 3 tunes that I like in different times during the day 1 – in the morning 2-afternoon 3- late  

Triple Shot Thursday *Imagine Dragons*

Today for your listening pleasure a Triple Shot of Imagine Dragons. I can’t get enough, sometimes strange videos yet the words a spoken by someone everyday. This is my favorite time of the week, take the hair pins out, relax, not rushing to publish the next post. Request are always welcome. I fly blind much of the time, what do people want to hear, … Read More Triple Shot Thursday *Imagine Dragons*

Throw Back Thursday *Wow–It’s Hot In Here*

Blake’s’ new life includes being in love with Gwen Stefani and her three children. I’m glad the focus in on a smooth transition for the boys. I highly recommend seeing both in 2017.  Xx M

Throw Back Thursday: Triple Shot *Queen Anthems of my younger self*

I spent a year in bad girl boarding school, many of us tried to dig out anyway possible. To dig out of our trauma, we wouldn’t let our scars get in the way. We wanted a different life, a new positive perspective. I was 13-14 years old some girls close to 17-19 years old. Most every one starts as the new kid in town, I … Read More Throw Back Thursday: Triple Shot *Queen Anthems of my younger self*

Thank You For Love And Prayers

Chronic Lyme has invaded my brain, emotions and bodies ability to move without tremendous pain. I’m blessed to have pain meds and others to provide comfort. Not being to walking is depressing. I wanted to thank you and Twitter buddies for your love, prayers and awesome videos sent my way. I love James Brown, his grove is infectious. “I Feel Good” video is my … Read More Thank You For Love And Prayers

How Many People Can Fit In A Van?

I found a way to celebrate my followers, looking beyond post into their personal life. I look forward to learning knowing more. No follower is safe! No Opt Out! Bloggers have followers who bring sunshine with every comment, conversation.Van gives me the blessing every time we have a conversation. Not all conversations are funny as a toad. That’s Texan speak if you didn’t understand … Read More How Many People Can Fit In A Van?

I Think Of You Every Second

I’m grieving a life, a life taken to the sky. Why a country song hit me so hard, I don’t know. Does she like country music? The uncontrollable tears may come from God, being there for me, when the pain doesn’t end. The tears maybe the first of many. I did not ask for promises. I shared the challenges of my mental illness, praying … Read More I Think Of You Every Second

Throw Back Thursday *The Disco Ball Is Turning*

The Disco period was great for Free Spirits, drugs flowed freely, a smell of change in the air. The music was alive, the dance floor had a rhythm like no other, leave your troubles behind and escape under the shiny ball. I started going to clubs with my father before my 10th birthday. When you have a parent with a mental illness, life can take … Read More Throw Back Thursday *The Disco Ball Is Turning*

Unreleased 1969 Recording of Led Zeppelin *Sunshine Woman*

Exciting news for Zeppelin fans, media outlets report an unknown recording of Sunshine Woman was discovered. I’m not a hard-core Zeppelin fan, who knew they could sing the Blues?  Xx  M

Throw Back Thursday *Female Power House Voices*

Adele’s voice is unique, so powerful, She will surprise you with Send My Love ( To Your New Lover ) Enjoy Power Female Artist this week. Amy’s voice is beautiful, life ended to soon for her. Alice Keys is another Power House. Xx  M  

Throw Back Thursday *Don’t let time pass you by*

I was thinking about tunes to play, Prince came to mind. He’s Mystical, very erotic with dancers and fans enjoy every minute. Prince supported multiple charities, one supported kids education. He heard the library was closing due to lack of funds. The next day, the library doors opened. I celebrate the life of Prince and pray the family comes together with hearts of love. … Read More Throw Back Thursday *Don’t let time pass you by*

Robert Goldstein Awarded Me Versatile Blogger Award

WOW! Mission Control we landed without to many Starbucks stops. I’m thrilled to receive The Versatile Blogger Award from Robert Goldstein at Robert is a generous spirit. Thank you for choosing my blog worthy of The Versatile Award. Robert has a mental illness called DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder. He is open about the struggles he face. He is a strong advocate for Mental … Read More Robert Goldstein Awarded Me Versatile Blogger Award

Throw Back Thursday *Rock & Roll Fantasy*

My Rock-n-Roll soul was empty, the music of choice this week filled my soul.  I enjoyed looking at old and new tunes. I start smiling once I pick the first video. Kick back, grab headphones and lets jam!  Xx  M  

Throw Back Thursday *Good Times*

Background song in video of me Sky Diving from 12,000 feet. WOW! Xx  M

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