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Triple Shot Thursday *Reflection*

A shout out to Casey Sims, He is the newest Contributor at Survivors Blog Here. We are thrilled he joins us…his enthusiasm for life is infectious. Casey was involved in a horrifying  car accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down. His positive, no holes barred attitude will have you trying to keep up. Stop by, say hello, he’s cool, relaxed … Read More Triple Shot Thursday *Reflection*

Bill Signed by President Obama for Rape Survivor Rights *No Victory Dance for Me*

This morning the AOL Sports Section wrote more articles on Sexual Assault cases than I could count. Lots of excuses as well. One College football player said “I had oral sex with her but no intercourse”, did she consent?  It’s long past time for accountability, all sports, girls and boys, men and women, all ages. By allowing owners and coaches to look the other … Read More Bill Signed by President Obama for Rape Survivor Rights *No Victory Dance for Me*

I keep Moving Forward: *Not allowing My past to Chart the Future*

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”    Maya Angelo I am a Survivor My grandparents unconditional love pulled me from the abyss. After years of Therapy, I have a clear heart, no anger or self loathing. Not forgiving….forgetting, to allow myself to move forward. Over the years, people brought sunshine into my life. You were … Read More I keep Moving Forward: *Not allowing My past to Chart the Future*

Vivid Memory #2 Guest Margie Lakefield

Vivid Memory #2 Continued WHERE IN HELL IS THAT FAMILY OF MINE? ARE THEY EATING PRIME RIB AND CELEBRATING? I’LL BET THEY ARE. THEY HAVE THE EASY PART IN ALL OF THIS. THEIR THEATER TICKET OFFERS A FREE DRINK AND REFRESHMENTS…while I stroll through hell… The little girl dances into my world after midnight. Drug free from day one, but moms chucking her insides … Read More Vivid Memory #2 Guest Margie Lakefield

Southern Rock Legend Gregg Allman RIP 5/27/17

A couple of my favs.   XxM  Greg you gave us all. AOL Story:  

I Salute Men & Women fighting in Combat & War on Homefront- Today & Yesterday for American Freedom

Home of the Free Sending prayers to family and friends for their loss of loved ones serving the Military.Daily I’m reminded of the sacrifices made to defend the freedoms we enjoy today in America. I pray every soldier comes home soon. Gramps, I’ll never forget the sacrifices you made to win WWII. I love you. Xx M      

Did you know May is Mental Health Month?

The article written by Mental Health America looks very informative. I am adding to resource page. Let me know what you think of article and first impression of company. Thank you Xx  M Mental Health America

New Chapter in My Life Begins

I’ve started to walk again, it fells great and very unstable. Throughout my battle with Lyme I prayed for my Granny’s strength. My Granny had to learn to walk twice as an adult. The first was from a terrible accident leaving her in a wheelchair or walker for years. She cleaned new houses for extra money, whatever the job required she would get it … Read More New Chapter in My Life Begins

Memories: I Was Stalked For Six Years

My first business trip, I’m 24 years old and clueless. The company was celebrating a milestone. Once bored around 20 of us found a bar and settled in. This is time for a stalker, large groups of people, and pick your target. First he sent me a dozen white roses every day. I was young and naive about stalking. I assumed he had money. … Read More Memories: I Was Stalked For Six Years

Throw Back Thursday * Arthur James Recovery Strikes a Cord*

Survivors get up brush of the toxic waste and move forward. I have talked to hundreds of people over the years, one element I notice is everyone has a concept of Survival yet they are still carrying around the baggage of the trauma and may not realize their toxic Survivors work thru the issue and take another step? Are you carrying around all the … Read More Throw Back Thursday * Arthur James Recovery Strikes a Cord*

Story of my Life: Guest Margie Lakefield

Guest Margie Lakefield shares the trauma of Postpartum Psychosis in a multi series post. I read Margie’s post in tears, feeling empathy, above all I knew she was a strong woman. A woman who made tough decisions for the better of her children’s future.  Her story touched me deeply, I had to meet her. We worked together on the series. Unfortunately Margie had a family … Read More Story of my Life: Guest Margie Lakefield

Throw Back Thursday *Bay, Bay and Bay*

Do you see the resemblance in style or sound of the Bay Brothers, my buddies assure me they are brothers. I followed James Bay and team so long, I’m a member of TeamBay. I love seeing my name on Tweets. This is far better than the Donny Osmond Fan Club. James Arthur found success with his first album, something held him back. He has a … Read More Throw Back Thursday *Bay, Bay and Bay*

Alabama prisons mental health case moves forward

A federal judge ruled yesterday that a lawsuit on behalf of prisoners denied mental health care can head to trial as a class action on behalf of all prisoners, noting that there is evidence of systemic “deliberate indifference” to the mental health needs of the prisoners.

Foster Care Population Climbs Sharply

Foster Care Population Climbs Sharply as Parental Substance Abuse Increases  

New Legislation To Help Address Mental Health Issues

David Weiner, interim chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, noted that Duke is one of the top programs in the country for mental health research.

Wapama Falls on Hetch Hetchy Trail, Yosemite

  Wapama Falls (1,400 feet) Flows: all year, with peak flow in May. Relatively few people visit Hetch Hetchy Valley to see this roaring waterfall. In some springs, the water from this fall flows over the footbridges near its base. You can see this waterfall from the parking lot at O’Shaughnessy Dam or you can hike on an uneven trail to near its base … Read More Wapama Falls on Hetch Hetchy Trail, Yosemite Playlist: The Importance of Self Care

This Playlist on The Importance of Self Care is read several times a week burted in Archives.   I wanted to make it easier to find, here is a re-post. I’m interested in your comments. Did the videos and live presentations help you?  XxM

 Bumpy Road With Chronic Lyme Diseases  Keep Moving Forward 🙏

I included the photo to show I’m very organized and life is getting ready for change. *The chatter are my thoughts, a Lyme Literate Doctor can consult and talk about options.*  Xx  M Living with Chronic Lyme Disease, requires tremendous faith, inner and physical strength. Please search to discover you’re core strength: it  strength may save your life. Have you  planned for physical matters … Read More  Bumpy Road With Chronic Lyme Diseases  Keep Moving Forward 🙏

Enviar oraciones a tres de Michael Buble su viejo Noah está luchando contra el cáncer

Por favor disculpa mi traducción al español, yo hablo sólo inglés. Ver el amor de su familia. Ver gernerious y divertido sentido del humor. Podemos rezar y encender velas para mostrar nuestro amor y deseo una rápida de recuperación rápida para Noé. Dios dará la familia alrededor de la familia. Dios bendiga a Melinda

Thank You For Love And Prayers

Chronic Lyme has invaded my brain, emotions and bodies ability to move without tremendous pain. I’m blessed to have pain meds and others to provide comfort. Not being to walking is depressing. I wanted to thank you and Twitter buddies for your love, prayers and awesome videos sent my way. I love James Brown, his grove is infectious. “I Feel Good” video is my … Read More Thank You For Love And Prayers